unedited student testimonials
SamhaAbdur Rabz1795154SophomoreIt is very simple and easy to use. Moreover, is a great way to not only keep students engaged in the classroom but also keep them attentive of what is being taught by the professor.
AmberAfshariz1689817JuniorI think this website is great! It's very user friendly and does not require me to carry around anything extra (i.e. clicker device). I highly recommend it and I hope more classes at NIU use it.
yolandeahinouz1788520Freshman- the three words chosen as sales pitch are just the best words. - As a student I'm so grateful for the because it's free and easy to use, I would have been happier if I didn't have to pay almost a $100 just for a clicker and a year licence for my economy class. I think is a great thing for NIU and the students too.
YolizmaArteagaz1762819JuniorBy implementing NIUResponse, students, alumni, and the university would all benefit. In comparison to the clickers needed for classes in the past, the NIUResponse website fee for all four academic years would still be cheaper than the clicker itself. Personally, I would be happy to see the money used being returned and recycled through our college. is extremely simple and hassle-free is amazing and simple. Since using, I have yet to run into any problems. I always have my laptop or phone with me which makes this system very easy to use because all you need to have is an web enabled device.
JazminBanderaZ1701916JuniorNIU Response was extremely easy to use as a students point of view. Dr. Downing amazes me with the work he has done with it. If they're a flew glitches he able to fix them. Keep the good work going!
JazminBanderaZ1701916JuniorNIU Response was extremely easy to use as a students point of view. Dr. Downing amazes me with the work he has done with it. If they're a flew glitches he able to fix them. Keep the good work going!
VaniloBeaudouinz1636669JuniorNIUResponse is reliable, easy to use, not expensive and you can use any technology with the access of internet.
AmberBeckerZ1760035SeniorThis system is simple, reliable, and cost friendly for students to use as a learning tool.
AlexanderBergZ1779328JuniorAs someone that has attended multiple universities and have used many different programs for in class responses, niuresponse was by far the easiest to access every class; furthermore, it was hassle free because I was not required to deal with a third party vendor.
KalebBermudezZ1734535FreshmanAs a student who has both experienced Turning Point and Dr. Downing's NIU Response, I can tell you that Dr. Downing's service far surpasses Turning Points services. There were instances where I has issues with Turning Point and was not attended to as a customer. I remember emailing Dr. Downing and there was nothing he could do because he did not have administrative rights, obviously. As opposed to an instance when I could not figure something out on NIU Response and Dr. Downing was able to provide me a response the next day. NIU Response was always up-to-date and simple to use.
GregoryBiesboerZ1758935FreshmanI was in your OMIS 259 course last semester, and I thought it worked a lot better than turning point. Also, I definitely agree that it is very simple and easy to use, which is perfect for teaching students.
LaurenBirdZ1695167JuniorNIU Response is an amazing technology. I love that I did not need a clicker to do the questions and stay engaged in class. It is extremely easy to use and was accurate 100% of the time. is an affordable alternative to the clickers that are currently being offered to NIU students. Myself and many other students feel that our university engages in a form of "price gauging" when it comes to certain required textbooks and clickers, and having access to this type of affordable technology would be a refreshing change.
SusanBojanoskiz1698920JuniorMy experience with was fantastic. The fact that it was developed practically overnight by an NIU professor, that it is free, and very simple to use. I would love to see this implemented across campus.
JordynBowenZ1695117JuniorI use for OMIS 351 and FINA 340. Previously, I used clickers for class participation. The clickers required extensive requirements just to be setup and used. is much more convenient and efficient for both students and staff. would be a great addition to NIU.
NickBunescuZ1600586SeniorThe questions are accurate to the course, signing in is fast, and no hoops to jump making simple to use for NIU students. can be described using two words: simple and effective. This user-friendly system gets the job done and for the proposed fee I would select this system over clickers any day! Great job Dr. Downing. was reliable, cost conscience, and convenient which are all very important to me as a commuting student who pays for and carries all of her belongings around campus.
NathanCamardoZ1786338SophomoreThe College of Business at Northern Illinois University is extremely professional and a prestigious program. To have a system like the, "Clicker" from Turning Technologies, is the complete opposite from what The College of Business is about. The 2 weeks wasted from attempting to get our clickers registered and working, which hindered my class. Dr. Downing's was so efficient and took no time to have someone stop class, and explain a complex system that doesn't work and give us a phone number to technical support, that students will be contacting weekly due to the most unreliable system I have ever used. Ultimately this takes me away from learning, which I came to Northern Illinois University to do. Dr. Downing's system was the ONE and ONLY fix to a successful semester. The system was so simple and efficient that Dr. Downing, spent no time away from teaching my class. To not use a system like the, sets the tenor in the College of Business of a double standard. That Northern Illinois University expects perfection from it's students but will settle for a far from perfect, less efficient and unreliable system like the, "Clicker" from Turning Technologies. is the most reliable clicker vendor I have used. Not once did I have any type of issues with it, nor was it complicated to use. was leaps and bounds a better alternative to our Turning Point clickers. NIUResponse proved to be a cheaper, simpler, and more reliable response method than the clickers for my OMIS 259 class.
Stephen Chapman Z1784001JuniorNIU Response.Com was extraordinarily simple to use, especially when compared to the turning point software. I also appreciated it's value. Most students already spend thousands of dollars on laptops and cell phones that are perfectly capable of using FREE Web based polling. There was no need to have to pay an additional fee annually for another device and another set of batteries to worry about.
KaylaClosez1787919SophomoreI used the in my OMIS 259 and loved the system. It was easy to learn and I never had to worry about it not working because it was simple and reliable!
CaseyCrosbyZ1788527FreshmanI had no problems with it and there were no hiccups in class about it.
DaltonDailyZ1673301SeniorNIUresponse is a fast, simple way to keep a class going. It's quick, there's no confusion, and is free for students.
NicolasDe ValdivielsoZ1777209FreshmanAt the beginning of the semester we had a very annoying clicker problem. Not only was it not working for many of the students, but it was frusterating even trying to use it. There were too many things that could go wrong, and the fact that we had to rely on the servers of a third-party, put us at the mercy of their shortcomings, at least as far as I felt. I firmly believe that Dr. Downing's is the perfect answer to NIU's quick response, clicker issue. From my personal experience using this system in class, I can confidently say that it's simplicity is quite amazing. Not only was it dependable, but it was very easy to use, and cost nothing (at the time). If Dr. Downing is to propose this idea as a campus-wide solution, then I would fully support him, and gladly pay the comparatively low price he asks.
SamiDellaroccaZ1766868FreshmanThe NIU response system is an easy and cheap way of participating in class. It's very simple to use and I think that because many students use their laptops and phones it's a convent way to get participation points and to keep them up to date with what's going on in class
MichaelDeVitoZ1695292JuniorNIU Response was a much better solution than the current program used as it is much more accessible, easier to use, and more reliable.
SoniaDiazZ1785418FreshmanNIUResponse has been the easiest method of engaging in class discussion without the hassle of bringing in an over priced clicker, that in many times had failed in processing clicker answers or simply joining the class material.
Jonathan Dickinson z1764663FreshmanAfter weeks of technical complications regarding turning point software, professor Downey created a simple and efficient alternative to the original software. His system used students devices (phones and laptops) instead of the clicker which required a pricey subscription. I currently use turning technology in other classes and run into problems on a regular basis. I would chose Professor Downey's system over the current system any day. It is more reliable and simpler to use for both students and the teachers that would rely on it as well.
ColeDittrichz1768747FreshmanYou have my support was a great program to use and is inexpensive compared to the competitors. Keeps everything in house with no outsiders control.
ColeDittrichz1768747FreshmanI think that it is a very good and helpful program that was very inexpensive compared to other programs that were required for the class as well as others. Professor Downings points make sense and if it can save the school money and keep money in house by running everything through the school it will save money and not be as big of a expense as other companies. I think this program should be pushed through because it was easy to use and i like it alot.
belindaDjatoz1658653SeniorI enjoyed using this application. very simple and not complicated. I will recommend it to be implemented throughout most universities. although we are resistant to change, I believe this is a change that will make students and professors life easier.
DanielleDlabalZ1704566JuniorBeing the "Guinea pig" OMIS 351 class for, I was very happy with the ease of use and reliability of the system. I didn't experience any difficulties using NIUResponse on my iPhone all semester long.
PatriciaDuffieldZ1790581FreshmanI personally think its a great way to use in classes, especially large ones, to keep all students engaged because in order to answer the questions you need to be paying attention. It is also nice for us to be able to discuss answers and help support each other so we can all get better grades. I can only imagine it is an easier way for professors to keep track of attendance and participation grades as well.
DailaDuncanz1768165JuniorNIU response is great, it's easy to use all you need is a smart phone or laptop and it simple to understand . My favorite feature is the ability to go back and look at the questions that were asked in class after the fact.
TylerEmbersonz1705217undergraduateIt is a simple and efficient mean for testing a large number of students at the same time. The only flaw I have seen is the ability for students to take the quiz from home with their friend in class letting him know when a question is open and what the answer is.
KevinFervilZ1709509FreshmanI found that using NIU response as oppose to an outside vendor's clicker was much more simple and easy. Every student comes to class with a cell phone or laptop, which means they're already equipped with what they need to sign in. Overall it is much more efficient than other programs I have used in the past, not to mention lighter on a college studen's pocket. .
SavannahFlamentz1669981JuniorIt is easy to use and with a reasonable initial price would be better than the "clickers". Not only does it allow the instructor to show the correct answer, but we are also able to see the rest of the class's response which helps to see where you are at as well as the rest of the class.
StevenFlattumz1752318JuniorI have used and one thing i can say for certain is that it actually works. I have used Turning Point's clickers and they are just not as reliable as Dr. Downing's program. Dr. Downing's program should be chosen simply because it gets the job done. It may not be as pretty or frilly as the Turning Point clickers, but when it comes down to it, we students care more about reliable class resources that will potentially affect our grade more than we care about having some pretty remote control that only works half the time.
MartinFlores GonzalezZ1783705JuniorWhen you focus more on the profit, like Turning Point did, you make the point very clear. You no longer care about the quality of learning, or helping students learn and succeed. Not to mention I never received my clicker or a refund for the device portion of my subscription. A subscription that never worked or provided what was promised and was not refundable. was much more reliable than the competitors, and much easier to use as well.
YasmineGaliZ1765798FreshmanNIUResponse worked very well when I used it throughout my OMIS 259 class. It was easy to access and simple to use. I never once had an issue with it. In the beginning of the year a lot of students were having issues with our original clicker program and once we started using, issues decreased dramatically.
JuanGarciaz1767134SeniorNIU response was very easy to use. I could access it using my laptop, tablet, or mobile device. I hated the sign up process for the Turning point clickers. Most importantly using would be less costly for students. is one of the most effective alternatives to clickers. I was in Dr. Downing's OMIS 259 class last semester when we tried to use the Turning Technologies clickers during the first week. Our class had so much trouble when using these clickers and I was always unsure if my answers were being recording. was a great source for us to use and I always knew when my answers were being recorded. I currently use this in my UBUS 223 class and it takes less than a minute to log on and get going, so convenient.
MichaelGlavac Z1760469JuniorVery simple and easy to use and only 1 person in my omis 351 class needed to borrow a device. The fact that it runs across multiple devices (smartphone, computer or tablet) makes it incredibly versatile and convenient for students.
KelseyHallZ1726188SophomoreAfter using TurningTechnology clickers for over a year, I found NIUResponse to be much easier for both students and the professor to operate. I never encountered any issues with NIUResponse, and as a student I appreciated the immediate feedback so that I knew my answers went through without problems and also so that I knew which questions I had answered correctly right away.
JamaalHamilton Z1675409SeniorThis is the best clicker system I have used since I been here at NIU...I can never forget my clicker because it is now accessible through my phone ,laptop and tablet.
DanaHawkinsZ176558/FreshmanThe use of NIU Response in our OMIS 259 class makes class go through smoothly. Also it is easy to get the hang of and could be used in other classes as well.
JilliannHendersonZ1695836SophomoreUsing NIUResponse compared to clickers was a lot more effective for me, for the simple fact that I was able to follow along with the questions from my own device instead of only having the option to look up at the board. It also made it a lot easier for me to see which questions I missed after they all were answered.
JieHuz1718462Senioreasy to use, we can use school account to login into and no extra device needed, we can just use our webable device to access it ! CONVENIENT!
Namjilsuren IdeshZ1787558JuniorReally easy to use. These days every student has devices that can be used, therefore it is convenient too. It is nice to us, poor college students, to use this instead of having to purchase troublesome clickers.
ShawnIllingworthZ1793170JuniorI've been working with NIUResponse in OMIS 259 for all semester. It's an excellent tool to keep me engaged in class and a handy for crowdsourcing class discussions, and the fact that it's inexpensive and works on all of my devices makes it even better.
Tae Young is the really convenient tool. it is not complicate for students to set up; just visit website and works with any electronic devices., and there is not extra procedure to resister. For the ordinary clicker Turning Technologies, we need to pay money, but for costs us nothing. Also, we can check our points right away, not need to wail until a professor posts on the blackboard.
PrestonJeffersonz1702197JuniorI was in Dr. Downings first semester OMIS 351 class when he first implemented this software and it was great. It was incredibly easy to use and was much more reliable than the new expensive clicker software that I bought at the beginning of the semester. Even with it being created basically over night there were hardly any setbacks that we encountered.
DavidJettwrZ1782108FreshmanIt has great Potiential, I would luscious it to NIU, it's simple, efficient, and needs a few tweaks before doing so.. from my experience in OMIS 259. is the best clicker system I have used while attending NIU. NIUResponse is reliable and very easy to use from a students perspective. In class I am able to use NIUResponse on a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Which for a student is very convenient as I am most likely to have one of those devices, and I am not constrained to buy an extremely overpriced clicker. The interface for NIUResponse is very easy for the students to access. All I need to know is the class i'm using it for and know my novell login. When using Turning Point i needed a license code along with other codes on the device itself and codes for the class it's being used in. In terms of reliability with NIUResponse i'm able to see that my responses were accounted for as well as providing what i answered for a specific question immediately after the session is over. Any inconsistency's I am able to bring to my professor's attention right away. With Turning Point I was unable to see that my answers and points were accounted for until the grades were posted by the professor. Based on the two classes I've used NIUResponse in OMIS 351 and OMIS 452, I firmly believe that NIUResponse is the best option as the official clicker vendor for NIU.
BrandonKavaliunas Z1774525FreshmanThe turning point clickers were so inefficient and complicated, but this was all made simpler with the use of
JasonKayeZ1760939SophomoreNIUResponse was a really easy way of participating in class without the hassle of having to use a third party software. It definitely was effective in my grasping of the OMIS 259 material and contributed to my grade in the class.
AveryKirchnerZ1758864FreshmanIn every single class that I have had to use a clicker in this school year I have had to deal with system errors and lost answers, but using I cannot think of a single time when my answers were not recorded or the software did not run like it was supposed to. was really easy to use. It loaded really fast on my phone and made it easy to participate in class. Simple and effective.
AlexanderKossZ1697773JuniorAs one Dr. Downing's beta testers for NIUresponse in his fall OMIS 351 class he first introduced it in (and being present in class when Dr. Downing came up with the concept on stage) I can affirm that NIUresponse is the EASIEST, most basic and simple form a response software should need to be in order to get the job done. Additionally, it cuts the cost out of fancy hardware other services require just to make a quick buck. At first, a few students (myself included) were skeptical of Dr. Downing's interface because we weren't keen to change. But, after only a few classes, I can assure you that this is as simple, easy to use, and cost effective as any system can be.
TaylorKruppZ1780470SophomoreNIU Response was extremely easy to use. I never had a problem with recording my answers or scores. I really liked that I was able to use it on many different devices with no problems.
CiaraLafondZ1783659JuniorThis system is incredibly efficient, you can access your answers and get your grade as soon as the question is closed making it a good learning and studying tool for students.
TylerLathropZ1770057JuniorDr. Downing is looking out for the best interest of the college with NIUResponse. This product is innovative, reliable and more cost efficient for the ever important college student.
KayiLawsonZ1739677JuniorEasy to use and no costs.
KyehoonLeez1723544JuniorIt is good for students. This is because, Clicker system is too expensive for students to every year. If cheaper than clicker, it is happy for student.
TianaLexaZ1708486SeniorThis system is simple, easy to navigate, and easy to access from any device! I would prefer using this system over any other systems I have used in the past at NIU.
FrancescoLombardoZ1765312FreshmanNIU response provides a much more convenience to use. Not only is it much quicker, but its also very reliable. The best part about it is the grades are posted very quickly and students such as myself know if I got 100% or any other grade. This system works very well and it saves a lot more time for teachers and students in the classroom.
DelaneyLytlez1776147JuniorThe NIUResponse system is very easy to get into and use, you don't have to worry about registering anything all you need is a web-enabled device. is so simple yet so effective that even most technology illiterate people could learn how to use it. This is by far my favorite clicker system I've used to date because it can be pulled up on any internet enabled device without any problems. Im hoping more classes at NIU are willing to try it out and make it easier for other students as well.
BrianMatzZ1644279SeniorI would like to say that is a student friendly product. It saves the student money and it also saves them time. A student can access this from any device. You dont have to worry about your clicker having dead batteries. If your phone is dead u can use your laptop and if your laptop is dead you can use your phone. Its so versitile and a way better product all around.
DanaMazurkiewicz Z1774684FreshmanI definitely found NIU response to be very easy and straight forward to use. The original clicker we started using at the beginning of this course was a little confusing to set up and some students had complaints/problems with it. The alternative Professor Downing supplied for us was NIU response and everyone seemed to have less problems with it, including myself. is efficient, easy to use, and has a clean look. It does everything that Turning Point used to do, but it is about 5 times cheaper which is very important for the students.
Anthony McmahonZ1778893FreshmanI used my first semester here and it worked perfectly. We never had any issues especially compared to turning technologys products we used
MaxMcMahonz1696199JuniorNIU response is simple and it works. Period. End of story. There is no sense in paying $50 for a clicker and then purchase a mandatory licensing fee, it almost seems like these devices have perfected the art of extracting money from college students. Dr. Downing's system is highly efficient and costs a fraction of what the competitors are charging.
LeonelMerazZ1766287FreshmanIt is easy to use and self explanatory.
CanonMikhoZ1703420JuniorNIU Response is extremely efficient and SO FAR, lag and issue free. As a user I have yet to experience ANY issue what so ever, as with other controllers I have ran into issues where the teacher wasn't able to load said software and our questions/quiz were canceled those days (Clicker questions/Quizzes). I would LOVE to keep NIU Response active within the college, especially the college of business as it is extremely fluid to use.
JeffMillerZ1684081SeniorGreat product which is very simple to use. Many of the students enjoy NIU Response because it is free currently.
SeanMillerZ1780337SophomoreI prefer the system that professor downing has when I compare it to the responseware app. I like that it can show me my history of what I answered in the class. And it blows away the competition for just 14 dollars for every class at niu.
AylissaMooreZ1766714FreshmanWhat I want to tell decision makers about is that it is genius. As a incoming freshmen, I was so eager to start my business classes bt turning point changed my whole demeanor about the class in a negative way. I fully support and stand by because it is an easy, reliable way to do what turning point failed to do for FREE. Chuck Downing is a genius for coming up with this program and if NIU wants a program that actually benefits their students in a positive way is the way to go.
PatrickMorrisseyz1725137JuniorEasy to use. One of the main reasons I loved it was because I never had to worry about forgetting my clicker. is a great resource to have. As a student coming from ubus 310 and using the Turning Points clickers, I am relieved that Chuck found another solution. Hand held clickers are great and everything until the batteries die on you during class, your device malfunctions, or your not on the right channel to connect to the question. These problems all occurred to me during the semester of ubus 310 and due to it, I missed points that were out of my control. With Chuck's website, you only need your OWN device. Therefore, you don't have to worry about being on a right channel and many students already know how to use their phones, or laptop, compared to trying to learn a new device. Also, if your device is going to die, barsema has many outlets available in classrooms and the auditorium where we can charge our device. We don't have to worry about the inconvenience of having to go buy batteries or carry them in our backpacks because most students don't do that. I truly enjoy using because I know it's reliable and it's very simple to use. If a first time user tried to use, they'd be able to figure it out on their own without assistance compared to Turning Points hand held devices, or any other company device for that matter, it takes an instruction booklet to figure out, the teacher wasting class time trying to teach everyone, and then students still being confused or the device not working properly. Overall, I think Chuck Downing's website should be considered and even accepted into the College of Business because we are business students with very busy schedules and don't have time to be wasting in class trying to figure out a device or system. With Chuck's system, it's already known how to use and it's very easy and simple and gets straight to the point to get the job done. I use it for a lot of my classes that are not even related to Chuck's. My finance core classes even use this site, and I've never experienced any complications. I strongly feel like this site would be a great addition to the College of Business. Coming from a busy student who has experienced both sides of this (with clickers and, I hope you take the students opinions into consideration in this decision since we are the ones who have to use these devices and our grades depend upon and could be, and have been effected in the past, with choosing the wrong solution. Thank you for your time.
LukeMyersz1779901SophomoreI think should be used at NIU because it is simple and reliable. I have never had a problem using NIUResponse, and it is a quick way to effectively teach classrooms both large and small. I like using NIUResponse in OMIS 259 because it is an easy way to learn class material since the whole class goes over the questions and answers together.
Nicholas Negretez1697672JuniorNIU, not investing in Chuck Downing will be a big mistake. Turning point clickers, are a waste of money and time. The "NIU response" was effective, and easy to learn.
DanielleNichols-Hynesz1777741SophomoreI personally felt that was a convenient and cost efficient way to participate in class. It helped me be successful in the class. is a great alternative solution to the traditional clicker situation. As a college student, I barley have the funds to purchase all my necessary books for classes and then I was expected to buy a licensing code for my clicker that I previously bought thinking it was a onetime fee. is a great economic choice for students and it is extremely easy to use and understand!
JinwookNohZ1786357JuniorNiu response is the simple and reliable. I personally think it is the best option that NIU students and faculties have right now. Because not only it is easy to use and access, but also could be cheaper and more sustainable than formal clicker system.
YewandeOgunsanyaZ1781461JuniorAs a student, who used NIUResonse last semester and also using it this semester, I strongly recommend it as the official clicker vendor for NIU because it is reliable and I have never had any issue logging in or receiving my points for the day.
PeterOmoruyiZ1763698SophomoreBeing an international student, at first it was kind of strange to me. But after my second week in class I found it so interesting and easy to work with it. During fall of 2015, my prof Downing was able to make using it very interesting and he also uses it to encourage student to come to class ontime. Very easy and convenient to use either on your phone or laptop. is extremely easy to use and reliable. Even people that are not very technology savvy, could learn how to use this program within a minute.
DavidOstermeierZ1700049JuniorNIUResponse was much easier and way more convenient than Turning Technologies, and we did not encounter any problems while switching to NIUResponse.
HaleyOstrekoz1665338JuniorNIU Response is an awesome program that allows big lecture halls to successfully keep track of participation during a lecture. It is also a great way for students to make sure they are understanding what is being discussed during lecture and can ask questions based on their responses. The best part about it is that you don't have to remember to bring an extra piece of technology to class like a clicker. NIU Response is simple to use and is right there on your phone, tablet, or laptop!
SamuelOwoo-Battlet Z1706855JuniorI absolutely love this and should be used in other universities.
DrewParkerz1693365JuniorHands down, NIUresponse was a lot better than Turning Point. The other system never worked. I liked NIUresponse because it was free, at the time, and took maybe 10 seconds to log into.
BryanParrishZ1705501JuniorAfter having to get a clicker for class and the fiasco that was getting it registered to my student ID and matching that registration with my specific device and having it only work half the time, there really is no excuse to use such a complicated system and pay that much money. Dr. Downing's system was fast and simple, worked for everyone, and there didn't need to be multiple explanations or troubleshooting.
AkashPatelz1786034JuniorUnlike other clicker systems, my professors actually use NIUResponse because it's just easy to use. It has truly impacted class engagement.
DerekPattersonz1761435FreshmanNIUResponse was very easy to learn and use and was a great tool for the professor to check learning progress. I never had any issues with connecting or having my responses recorded, it just works.
JenniferPaxtonz1671434Graduate StudentDr. Downing used this in my first 500-level class and it was a prime example of what the course was about: finding a technology solution to a business problem. shows that Dr. Downing is committed to the students at NIU and the technology advancement of the university. is a hassle-free way to be engaged in the classroom.
RyanPerkinsZ1665640SophomoreHonestly, the system had zero flaws. Turning point was awful and this program was far superior to turning point
BrandonPhamz1739880JuniorYou wanted cheap and easy to maintain! It's already there made and supported by Dr. Downing himself. You wanted it simple? An rough average of 3- 8 clicks is all it takes for one question to be manager by staff and 2 clicks for students to answer a question. You wanted it reliable? Completely in-house which allows for classes to persist if the internet is down but the intranet remains.
Johnathan PikulskiZ1763585FreshmanThis will be worth it no matter what.
saulpinalz1768882FreshmanIt is so much easier to use than the clickers. Turning point sometimes has some malfunctions and is a lot more money was much easier to use since you didn't need a physical clicker in class or a paid subscription and we were able to bring any problems directly to Dr. Downing and have them addressed immediately.
DejaQualls-ReavesZ1766053FreshmanNIUresponse was easy to use and very reliable when the turning point clickers that we all paid for did not work.
JamesQuinnz1750925SophomoreThis system is much more of an effective tool for both students and teachers. It is more reliable, cost effective, and beneficial overall. I could say many things about my preference of over turning technologies, but what it all comes down to is this: Downing is truly dedicated to his works, and this is what he does best. As a former student, I know he can deliver what is being demanded. Something must be done to fix this problem, this is the solution.
FadiRamahiZ1783625JuniorExtremely easy to use and easy to access. was much less complicated than the clickers we were previously using. It is also much more cost effective for students like myself.
AmyReyesz1744146JuniorI liked it way more than the clickers because I already knew how to use it since it wasn't new information to learn. Also, everyone has their cellphones on them at all times or (at least I do), and there was never the problem of forgetting it for class. The fact that it will be offered for a one-time fee of $14 is a huge plus because I bought my clicker for a lot of money and barely used it because there were so many problems with it.
JoshuaRietmanZ1785489SeniorI was part of the first class to use for Dr. Downings OMIS 351 class in the Fall of 2015. is one of the simplest and reliable programs to use. It was a great benefit to my learning experience in the class. is 100 times easier and more reliable than the physical clickers.
Rebecca RobertsZ1699053JuniorNIU Response is a great alternative to the clicker! Not only is it simple to use, it was created internally by one of our very own professors. This option is great because it is always reliable and readily available! is a lot easier to use and more efficient than the clickers from my previous classes.
AbbyRoemerZ1763980FreshmanNIU is a great system that is truly simple and works very well. In fall 2015 OMIS 259, my class and I used this system. Not once did I ever have a problem occur with the program. I was able to understand how the system works, operate it, and use at a fast pace in a matter of seconds after being introduced to it. I believe NIU will extremely benefit Northern Illinois University and should be adapted as the main clicker vender for our school.
AbbyRoemerZ1763980FreshmanNIU is a great system that is truly simple and works very well. In fall 2015 OMIS 259, my class and I used this system. Not once did I ever have a problem occur with the program. I was able to understand how the system works, operate it, and use at a fast pace in a matter of seconds after being introduced to it. I believe NIU will extremely benefit Northern Illinois University and should be adapted as the main clicker vender for our school.
ZacharyRubioz1775495FreshmanWhen Dr. Downing introduced us to NIUResponse it worked so much better than turing point and was a lot easier to use than those turning point clickers. I would strongly suggest to use NIURepsonse for future classes and for the school.
LexiSalbergZ1787279SophomoreThis simple and useful tool helps you understand the material being taught in class because the action of taking "mini quizzes" through out each unit better the understanding of concepts being taught.
StephanieSanchezz1705430JuniorI was enrolled in Dr. Downing's OMIS 351course (last Fall) when the conception of occurred. At that time, our class along with other classes such as UBUS 310 were experiencing a lot of problems with our clickers and TurningPoint. Once Dr. Downing implemented into our class, recording our responses has never been easier! The downside of TurningPoint's clicker technology was that we students had to purchase a new license every year on top of purchasing the actual clicker only for it to not function properly. As a college students, I don't want to keep spending money on something that will only work half of the time it's supposed to. What Dr. Downing is purposing is a one-time fee of $14 for a system that works exactly when it's supposed to and is simple to use. NIUResponse is also currently being used in my OMIS 452 course with Brian Bender and I honestly believe that should be used all around campus. It makes little to sense as to why NIU would continue to outsource to other software providers when a professor from NIU has created something better than what the competitors have to offer.
MelvinSandovalz1772258FreshmanI believe that was a lot more helpful than the clicker option turning point provided. It made everything easier to use and the efficiently was great. Never failed to open or submit answers unlike the software turning point offered. ran much more smoothly for our UBUS310 & OMIS351 than the Turning Point clickers due to its simplicity for use on any web enabled device including laptops, tablets or smartphones which every student has.
JacquelynSchuelerZ1701108JuniorAs a student, is so much more convenient to use than the former "clicker system" through TurningPoint; students aren't required to remember their device for class as NIUResponse can be used on laptops and cell phones. If given the choice, I would choose NIUResponse over the TurningPoint system simply because it is much more cost-effective and much easier to use.
KaraSchumacherZ1765589JuniorIt's a great system that is super easy and enjoyable to use!
KaraSchumacherZ1765589JuniorIt's a great system that is super easy and enjoyable to use!
CarsonSchwallerZ1726133SeniorFast to learn, simple to use, works with phones, tablets, and computers; it doesn't get much better than this.
Cole segerz1764573FreshmanNIU response is very efficient and makes sure students are engaged in classroom learning is a very useful clicker program that proved to have little to no complications, which was not the case with Turning Point. Many people, including myself, had some issues with Turning Point. NIUResponse is very user friendly and straightforward. I would absolutely recommend that this program continue to be used in the future.
RaviShahz1669682FreshmanNiu response was awesome and very easy to use, never had any problems with it in class. Don't get me started on turning point. was a quick, simple, and effective alternative to the formerly used clickers
JasonSmejkalz1720829JuniorTurning point worked well when I first came to NIU you could buy a used clicker or share with a peer. However they decided to move to a subscription based platform which required each student to have their own clicker and pay a fee to use it. This put an unnecessary financial strain on myself and many of my peers. They also started using cloud based technologies in order to "increase efficiency", but there were many problems with the recording of our answers in multiple classes and most sessions of those classes. UBUS 310 was stressful enough, having to constantly meet with a professor because of mistakes made by Turing point was very upsetting and not conducive to my learning environment. After a short while Professor Downing came up with his own system to use for OMIS 351, this system was convenient, effective, and reliable. It also cut the cost of buying a physical clicker. We had one session where there was an issue (due to overload on the system) but this was resolved quickly and ran smoothly for the rest of the semester. If you choose not to go with niuresponse I ask that you choose a more ethical company then Turning Point that wont require students to pay for a subscription which was simply a way for them to exploit students and receive more money for a feature that added no value. Thank you for this opportunity to be heard.
JamikaSmith Z1634777SeniorThis was a great solution to a problem that many NIU students faces with turning point clicker systems. Easy to use and understand and I believe that all students will be able to understand and access NIU Response. Please consider for a replacement. Thanks
Kayla SorensenZ1732403SeniorThese were so much easier and obviously way cheaper then clickers. Could even log in and see what questions you got right and wrong it was great.
OmarSotoz1764638FreshmanI was in Chuck Downing's 259 class in Fall of 2015. We started the course using Turning Technology and it was not the best experience for many students, it was difficult to register clickers properly and in turn would slow down class. However, when Chuck Downing introduced NIU Response it was extremely simple to set your account up and was accessible through our smartphones and laptops. I believe it would be a great tool for both professors and students to have on campus.
MaddyStapletonZ1760546FreshmanDO IT, it's simple and easy! PLEASE DO IT
PatrickStiversZ1787303undergraduateI feel that would be a useful tool to those instructors/professors that are willing to utilize it.
DevinStompanatoZ1699960JuniorIt is simple to use, and it works. I also don't need to buy an additional device (which is easy to lose and damage) to work the system all I need is a web browser.
Chenfang Suz1783888JuniorI want to say that NIU response works well for fall 2015 semester. It it both mobile friendly and computer friendly.It is fast to learn as quick as you open up a website. I am using it for UBUS 310 for operation management this semester,too. The price is cheaper compared to buying a clicker and registering through turning point which cost me about $40. I am glad that I am using it for free right now. Hope Dr. Downing's design will stand out during those four national companies.
zebasultanaz1757992JuniorI was in Downing’ class last year when he developed the, it worked perfectly and was really convenient for students. It was really simple and user-friendly. had far less problems than the original clicker we used. It was easy to understand and easily accessible on laptops and mobile devices. It makes the class much more interactive and enjoyable to participate in. is the best alternative when it comes to clicker vendors. Its simplicity allows students to become experts with this program in just minutes. The fact that a NIU professor created this program for the students is unbelievable and it shows us the commitment some of these professors have to the NIU students. Mr. Downing did an excellent job with this program, and without doubt made students lives a lot easier last semester when I participated in his OMIS class.
RachelTarlachZ1763783FreshmanIt works a lot better than the clickers. It does not cost $80 plus dollars like the original clickers, it's doesn't give teachers headache when they don't work, and overall it is just an easier system for both the student and teacher to use. is the easiest question and answer polling platform that I have used to date. It is easy to logon and submit answers, and you can access the website on any mobile device. Would recommend for any class.
ZachThielbarZ1719320JuniorWhen running late for class I like that I can log into NIU Response on my phone and get the first question of the day correct by remembering it from last class.
mashatipikinz1740641SophomoreUsing NIUresponse for class was the easiest online system I have used for any of my classes. Its simple to use and saves time.
WaleedTobehz1750991JuniorNIU response is a great piece of software and an extremely reliable and cost effective resource for NIU students.
EricTorresZ1800326SophomoreAlthough I am of Sophomore status at NIU I have been through a couple colleges in my four year and counting career as a student. Throughout this time I have attended varying styles of classes from 400 person lecture halls to 12 person discussion rooms. I can honestly say that while taking OMIS 259 at NIU, has been one of the greatest tools for a class I've ever used. As a student who appreciates any aid provided by professors I found this easy and reliable program wonderful. The fact that I could use my smart phone, which almost every student has in this day and age, to easily be engaged in class discussion kept my attention in lecture and my attendance. Although it was free the first time I used it I would gladly pay a small one time fee of $14 compared to the $50 clicker I had no choice but to purchase in the past while attending a different college. To be perfectly candid I find this program almost to good to be true. As a college student trying to get by with all the book prices increasing and mandatory equipment to even attend college it's getting harder to afford all the accessories for some classes. Although this was designed for giant lectures I believe this can be used for any style of class that allows laptops or phones for discussions and I hope to see it appear in my other classes around campus in the near future. Thank you
ZuleimaTorresz1783673JuniorI am a transfer student here at NIU and when I first enrolled I was really nervous about learning new systems that I have never used before. In my community college each class had us use a different website online to turn in homework! not only was it frustrating, but it was difficult to learn how to navigate through all the different websites we were required to use. Here at NIU, not only foes Dr. Downing use NIUResponse, but so does another professor for my UBUS 310 class. This to me is the simplest way any school has done communication and any type of points for the class easier than ever! There's only one log in, no fee (as of right now but if there were it would be at a very low price), and it is super easy to navigate. Something I had have trouble with in the past with all the other systems my professors have used!
Jeremy Trujillo Z1756909JuniorI enjoyed using because it was simple and easy to use. There were too many technical problems with the clickers and I haven't experienced a single problem with niu response. It decreases downtime with technical problems and there is a result feedback for how many the responder got correct. Very creative thought in helping teachers and students.
ChristineVallrugoz1708348SeniorNIU Response was easy and effective! And It ALWAYS worked. No need to do all the hectic procedures and registrations. Plus, it is so cool that it was created by an NIU Professor.
Igli VelcaniZ1785078FreshmanNIUResponse is a easy tool for professors to teach to their students. It takes about 2 minutes to learn and 20 seconds to sign in.
LisaWadez1782499JuniorMy Turning Technology clicker was registered and working for OMIS351 for the Fall 2015 semester. That same semester I spent approximately two weeks with Turning Technology via telephone and through emails with Professor Godambe and Turning Technology to finally resolve registration problems in the UBUS310 class. The format was quick and easy, especially when arriving to class at the last minute.
Allison Wangrowz1787375JuniorAs a new student to the business school, I was immediately impressed with how easy is to use. In the two classes I attend that use, we have never had any problems with the website.
OlandoWatt is the future of what NIU students want as a response program. A program that is accesible through internet on any device makes it that much simpler and convenient for every student on campus. is my first and only experience with an in class auto feedback system and it could not have been made easier to use. I use my smart phone in class to access the questions in class and am able to review the questions at anytime from my phone or my desktop at home. is a great tool to help me study for quizzes Dr. Downing has provided access at no charge for this current semester but I would value this service at around $20-$30 per year which is much more reasonable than the $100+ that some of my peers have told me they paid for their "clickers".
Skylar is awesome! It is so reliable and very easy and simple to use for all students in the class. After each time I am done with responses I can see my results for what I received correct and incorrect. is awesome!
ZachWesterhoff Z1695210JuniorHands down the best clicker system I have ever used. Its the only clicker system that I have never had a problem with . There is no pointing a remote at the perfect angle to get it to register. Simple and reliable.
ReginaldWhitingZ1718025JuniorThis website is very different from any education focused website I've used before, typically these types of sites, like blackboard, feature out of date user interfaces that make basic tasks overly complicated and have poor overall performance. Luckily that is not the case with, this site features a modern minimalistic user interface that allows for a very low learning curve for new users and additional allows for users to act quickly on the task they are trying to accomplish with very few clicks.
JehvaniaWhyteZ1759355FreshmanThe NIUResponse system was very easy to use. It could've been accessed from both a smartphone and a laptop/electronic device. As an international student I didn't have a laptop or a smartphone as yet so by using my neighbors phone while they used their laptop it was great I could get my points,until i could have one for myself. Scores were always accurate too
BryanWiley z1726734Graduate is extremely easy to use and it was always reliable! I can't say the same for any of the other clicker programs I've used.
SebastianWilkoszZ1611495SeniorIt's a good deal for the end user.
LexieWilliams is the most user-friendly clicker system I've ever heard of. Since I have extensively used Turning Point for four years, I would like to compare it to that: Turning Point app sometimes requires re-login for timeout even if you're constantly using it and deciding whether to purchase the one or four year license is arguably unfair. NIUResponse will allow students to pay a one-time fee for unlimited use, and registers your responses regardless of time between answers. You don't need to worry about buying new batteries for your clicker or remembering it for class, because any device with Internet access can serve as a clicker. Also, it eliminates students answering questions for other students by just giving out their clickers, because it requires you to enter your NIU credentials before each session. It is very convenient to only have to log in using the same password as all other NIU sites (instead of requiring a new username and password and code), and will also be cheaper. In addition, Dr. Downing truly cares about student experience and is invested in the university, which means he will do whatever is necessary to make this successful for all of us, not just a successful business for himself.
JustinWilsonZ1758431SophomoreUsing NIUresponse vs clickers in classes, NIUresponse is very user friendly and easy. We didn't have many issues, however when I am using my clicker with TurningTechnologies, we usually run into one if not two, three, or more problems in one class. I highly reccomend making NIUresponse as the official clicker system of NIU, not only because it's very easy to use, but it would be supporting NIU students and faculty, not some big corporate company.
JenniferWithersZ027337SeniorIn past courses I have taken, the ResponseCard NXT was used to answer questions in class. This is my first semester using the and to be able to use my own laptop/smartphone makes the process more convenient. You do not have to make sure that you are on the correct channel in order to answer questions, which makes the use of this new method less of a hassle.
BraedenWollbrinkZ1758737FreshmanNIUResponse always worked much better than the other programs, such as Turning Point. It's extremely user-friendly, and I never ran into any problems while using it.
BaileyWoltersz1727974JuniorI find to be extremely easy to use, hassle free, and a great alternative to physical clickers. I no longer have to worry about accidentally leaving my clicker at home because I have the option to use my phone or laptop to participate in class.
StephanieWorkmanz1634972SeniorI thought NIU response was great. It's easy to use and great for large classes. With the use of it, future students won't have to waste money on clickers that do not always work. worked every day, was quick and responsive, and made the class much more concise and efficient!
GracianoZamudioZ1675164SeniorI think NIUResponse is an easy and cheap alternative to clickers. All we have to do is go to the website, pick our class and we are good. It saves the students money as well as the hassle of what we needed to go through purchasing clickers. is very easy to use. Last semester I had to use a clicker and that thing was miserable. The fact that I don't have to bring anything to class with me except for my laptop or cell phone (which I already bring), is so convenient! The system is extremely easy to use and very beneficial to the students. NIU would be smart to adopt this technology throughout the college campus.
MichaelZubrickasz1757713JuniorNIUResponse was a great experience for me. It was easy to use and reliable; So much better than the clicker system. I would strongly encourage taking advantage of this great technology!